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Hello my name is Daniel and I have been riding since I was 4 years old. I have my own horse and his name is Eli.  Eli is a Warmblood and I have just started training him.  My first horse Renegade is an Appendix Quarter Horse and we have been to many competions together.  We started at the low 18 inch X-rails and worked our way up to placing at Spruce Meadows at the 3'3 level. It takes a lot of work to keep him nice, clean and ready to jump.

When I began riding I knew almost nothing considering my age of 4 and a half, my parents helped me with everything. But now that I'm older and wiser I do everything. When I was younger I did Hunters, it's a good discipline to start off in. It's slow, easy and laid back.

Renegade and Daniel jumping an oxer

Once I got older, Hunters got boring for me so I moved on into Jumpers, it is a faster and a more adrenaline pumping discipline. So I have learned a lot about ridding and I think I should share some with you. There will be some stuff in this web site that you already know and some stuff that you don't know. I'm going to take you through buying a horse, then finding the right horse tack, caring for your horse and enjoying the sport of horse jumping.

Should a horse saddle fit the rider or the horse? It should fit both of you. If your sitting up there, on top of the horse's back for an hour or so, you'll want to be comfortable. If the horse is working and exercising, he'll want to be comfortable too. If the saddle doesn't fit you, your butt will be score after your ride and that' no fun. If the saddle doesn't fit your horse, he will start to go round in his back and get humpy "the feeling is similar to when the horse wants to buck". It's like a constant pinching in between your shoulder blades, not fun!

Horse jumping or show jumping is a major discipline in the horse world. It's fun, adrenaline pumping and you could win tons of money. Many start at hunters, not everyone starts at jumpers. Hunters are a slower moving form of jumpers. In hunters all you have to do is look pretty and get over the jumps. But in jumpers, the rules are a lot different, the courses are a lot tougher and the stakes are higher.

Before you start to ride, or go to a show you want to make sure you have all the correct horse supplies for your horse. To keep him clean and properly looked after. Also you want to have your own supplies ready. It is best that you make sure you have all your ridding gear before you tack up the horse because if you forgot something that gives you protection, "it's better to be safe then sorry". Not every horse will come when called. Sometimes when a horse sees you coming or, sees the horse halter in your hands they will try and run away. There are many tricks on how to help you sooth your horse and make him learn to come to you when you call.

There are four seasons, so technically you should have 4 types of horse blankets at the minimum. For winter you should have a heavy blanket, so the horse stays warm at night and doesn't freeze. If it reaches -20 or below often where you live, you might want to consider having another lighter blanket at hand. So when it does go below 20, you can double up your horse' blankets. Summer you would want a flysheet and maybe a fly mask if the flies are bad in your area.

Horse jumping an oxer

Horse grooming is very important prior to ridding your horse. If you don't brush your horse before you ride, there may be some dirt accumulations underneath the tack. After a while the area may become irritated and/or infected. That' not good because that means spending more money, to get the vet to come look at it. Save yourself some heartache and brush your horse. You should also consider brushing your horse after you ride, to get the sweat stains off and make your horse feel more relaxed.  Horse care is an important aspect for riding.

Letting your horse know you love him is very important. But don't let him get too pushy, make sure he still has some manners. You have to care for your horse as if he was another human being. He is alive and has feeling too!

Buying a horse is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make in your whole horse life! You want to make sure you find a great partner that you can bond with over time. There will be situations where you want to be able to trust your horse will do the right thing. Protecting you in an unpredictable situation.  Emotion plays a a big part when you are buying a horse.  If you discover some unwanted traits after your purchase
click here to learn about some hosre training techniques you can use to improve your situration. 

I hope you enjoy this site and find some useful information.