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Selling our horse Eli

We had to put Eli up for sale as Daniel is moving away to attend University.

Eli was originally purchased by us back in the fall of 2007.  He was purchased as a jumper and was trained up to 3'9".  He has entered a number of competitions in the Calgary area and never really lived up to his potential.  For the last year we had him, he had a lamness challenge in his front right foot.  We had this looked at a number of times and are unsure what the problem is.

We put him outside in the spring of 2012 and he started to get better.  He was doing quite well in June so Daniel started riding him harder.  After a flyng lead change on a corner Daniel noted that he stumbled and there was a notible lamensess in his right front.  Currently, he is in good shape and is able to walk and trot.

Eli is extremely calm horse who is exceptionally strong and he would not be a good horse for a weak or beginner rider. 

Selling Eli was a bit of a challenge as there are so many horses on the market why would you buy a horse which had some type of a lameness issue.  Some people who might be intrested in are:

1. Vets who are looking for a hobby
2. Someone who wants a horse for just walking around the property
3. Someone looking for a horse to groom
4. A horese owner looking for a companion horse
5. Charities looking for a horse to walk people on

On of the largest concerns we had was selling Eli for less than $1000 and then having the purchaser ship hem off to a meat market.  This was absolutely unacceptable.

In the end, we gave Eli to our neighbor who has an acerage and a couple of other horses.  He is happy as he has some new friends and lots of space to run around in and we are happy because we know he has a home where he will be loved.

The video below is a slow motion video of Eli trotting.

Here are a few stills of Eli on July 20, 2012.


Here is a shot of Daniel and Eli training

Here are a couple of shots of Eli competing at Andersons on June 10, 2011.


Here is a close up of Eli in 2010.

For more information on Eli see