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Horse Supplies

Horse Supplies List

What you need to make your horse look excellent!

When you head out to the barn, make sure you have the correct horse supplies to get more enjoyment out of your riding.  While there is always another piece of tack or horse product which you could use, this supply list will give you an idea of what different horse supplies you will need to successfully and safely ride your horse.

When choosing a barn, make sure if you are stabling there that you get a locker to store all of your stuff in.  This makes you life a lot easier.  You should also have some type of tote bucket to bring your small brushes and odds and sods out to the horse tacking area.


Main Rider Supplies:

1.                  Helmet

2.                  Gloves (personal preference)

3.                  Boots/ paddock boots with chaps

4.                  Breeches

Main Horse Tack Supplies:

1.                  Saddle

2.                  Saddle pad

3.                  Girth

4.                  Boots/ pollos

5.                  Bell boots (if horse is stepping on himself)

6.                  Halter

7.                  Bridle and bit

8.                  Reins

List of General Horse Supplies:

1.                  Brushes

2.                  Tack box

3.                  Stall hook

4.                  Fly mask (for summer use)

5.                  Liniment

6.                  Grain (supplements)

7.                  First aid (Tree tea oil, betadine, polysporin)

8.                  Leather cleaner

9.                  Fly spray

10.                Shampoo and conditioner

11.                Sweat scrapper

12.                Scissors

List of Supplies for Horse Shows:

1.                  Corks

2.                  Show jacket

3.                  Show breeches

4.                  Yarn

5.                  Saddle rack

6.                  Shipping boots

For the Rider:

When you are riding you must wear a helmet to protect your head in the case of a fall. When handling the reins, sometimes the horse really pulls on you, so to protect your hands, wear some gloves. You wear riding boots with heels to make sure your foot easily fits into the stirrup and to ensure that the your foot does not pass through the stirrup iron. Breeches will help you stay in the saddle better as they give more "stickiness" than pants.

Horse Supplies for Grooming:

One of the main horse supplies you will need for your horse care will be brushes. Brushing your horse prior to riding him is essential to ensure that all of the dirt and mud are off of his hair prior to putting on his tack.  Brushing helps ensure you will be keeping your horse clean and healthy. You should brush your horse before and after you ride. It is easier and more efficient to keep all your small horse supplies like brushes, hoof pick, comb and first aid ointment in a tack box and to have all your horse tack hanging on a stall hook. You will also need a hoof pick to pick out the dirt from the horses feet prior to riding.


Tacking up your Horse

When you're getting your horse tacked up you should first put on the saddle pad then you want to place the saddle on top. Adjust the saddle so the point pocket comes in line with his shoulder blade, (visit horse saddles to find out more) and then put on and tighten the girth. Try to make the girth as even as possible, so the same amount of holes are done up on each billet. After the saddle is on, you can put either boots or pollos on and or the bell boots.

Before putting on the horse's bridle, put your reins over his head and let them rest on his neck. Then undo the horse's halter just in case he pulls back. After the halter is off, insert the bit into the horses mouth, slide the bridle over the horses head and then all you have left to do is secure the bridle.

Horse Supplies for After the ride:

To make your horse happier you could start to feed him grain and supplements after the ride, kind of a reward for them but a good way to keep your horse healthy for you. If your horse gets a cut, you should tend to it right away, wash it out, and then gently rub some ointment onto it, so the cut is protected from the outside. After a horse jumps, to take care of their legs normally you would rub some liniment such as Absorbine on their joints, to make them feel better.
If your barn has a wash rack you could also give your horse a bath, using your shampoo and conditioner. Once you are done with your horse, you should then take care of your tack. Use a leather cleaner to clean the dirt off of your saddle, girth and bridle. Use water to clean the dirt off your bit.


Horse Supplies for Horse Shows:

If you are riding or jumping in a grass ring at a horse show, it is best to put corks in your horse's shoes. Corks are small metal cleats which screw into the  horseshoe and give the horse added traction in the slippery grass.  The corks improve the horse's traction, therefore improving the quality of your ride.

You should look your best when riding in a horse show.  Thus, a nice clean show jacket, breeches and saddle pads you keep just for shows and clean tack really give you the appearance of a winner.  Finally, a cooler which is just used for shows and sports your teams logo really makes you and your horse shine.

For hunters you want your horse to look fancy, so almost everybody braids their horse's mane with the use of yarn, the same colour as the horse's mane. The alleyways at the show are normally pretty packed, so if you have a saddle rack you could put your saddle on, it would be great. While transporting your horse to and from a show, you should have something to protect their legs, that's when shipping boots come in handy