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Renegade was my First Horse

Renegade was a Great Horse and Companion

Renegade was the first horse which I owned.  He was a chestnut Appendix which is a horse which is half Quarter horse and half Thoughbred.  We bought him when he was 4 and I rode him for six years.  Before Renegade, I used school horses to ride. I made the decision to stop riding him once I turned 14 because while he is a great 3', 3'3" jumper I wanted to go higher. I will really miss riding Renegade but we decided not to sell him because my sister decided to start riding him while I train and ride my new horse Eli.

Tragedy can happen at any time.  On the night of Monday August 3, 2009 at approximatley 2 am a large storm with winds up to 110 km/hr swept through Alberta and blew half the roof off of the barn we ride at.  Unfortunately, a lot of the roof landed in Renegade's outside paddock.  While we will never know what exactly happened the end result was that one of Renegade's legs was badly damaged and he had to be put down.

Renegade was extremely well trained and gentle.  Together we won over 150 ribbons many of which were first place and champion.  There were many times we were jumbing together and for one reason or another I fell off.  Renegade always watched out for me and did everything he could to ensure I was safe.  He was a great companion who will be sorely missed.

Here are some of my favourite pictures of him.


Renegade jumping green jump


Renegade jumping a blue oxer in British Columbia


Renegade jumping a red and white oxer


Renegade jumping a black and white oxer


Finishing well with Renegade


Renegades winning ribbons at BC horse show


Renegade and Daniel resting after winning at Andersons